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Dreamy, Magical, Stylized Waterfall shoot <3

IT’S HERE!! The ever so long awaited photos from this dreamy, magical, stylized waterfall shoot. 

I had this vision in my head. Waterfalls, a beautiful model, a gown, and a gorgeous bouquet of florals. Everything seemed to fall together oh so perfectly… I was in the Bay one day and they had this HUGE sale going on. Guess what dress was hanging on the rack? Yup, there it was, the very last gorgeous red, full length lace gown just asking to be used for this shoot! I scooped it up in a heartbeat and then tucked it away to save it for a very, very special shoot I knew I was going to plan once summer came.

Summer time rolls around, and sure enough one of my closest friends, (Also a gorgeous model) says she is coming up to Canada to visit! It was at that point that the wheels started turning, haha! Right away I jumped into full creative mode to make this dream shoot happen.

We drove up to Johnston’s Canyon just past Banff, and hiked into this beautiful spot tucked away from the main trail. I had never been here before, but I knew that the waterfall was there!! So we kept our eyes peeled and found this incredible spot. We spent hours shooting, laughing and exploring this beautiful area.

I am SO happy to show off the talented work of the other creatives in the business that worked so hard to make this all possible! The ever so bubbly and fun Bobi from Artistry By Bobi came to my place in the morning to do Kirsten’s makeup and hair. Goodness she is so talented!! I gave her a really loose idea of what I was hoping for, and she knew exactly what I wanted!!! If you need a makeup/hair artist, she is your girl!! Go look at her work! 

Erica from Rhosyn Floral designed this stunning bouquet for the shoot! I gave her a color pallet, a rough idea of what I was looking for, and she far beyond exceeded my visions! Her husband Andrew met with me to drop off the bouquet. These two make an awesome team!! If you need a florist, I highly suggest you look at their work. I still have the florals sitting in my office. <3 Even dried out, they are still gorgeous! 

My beautiful friend and seriously talented Artist/model Kirsten Collins was so willing to do WHATEVER it took to get the shot!  I’m forever thankful for her, and her willingness to do whatever is needed for me to get the dream images I have floating around in my head. She lives in LA and is killing it in the music scene! You’ve probably already heard of her.. ;) But for those of you who haven’t go listen to her voice!!

Now that I’m done telling you all about how this all came together…here are the photos!! <3