Ayla Love

Who I am !

Hi, I’m Mikayla.

I am a fun loving, down to earth, spunky girl who is full of life, laughter, and hugs.

My wonderful hubby Harley and our fur baby Marlo are my everything. I love spending time outdoors and exploring new parts of this beautiful world every chance I get.

Give me bare feet hanging off the dock, late nights around the fire pit, slow mornings outside with a coffee in hand, spontaneous road trips, cat snuggles, and everything vintage/bohemian.

(Working on getting our house to be Pinterest worthy. ;)

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I knew my passion in life the very second I picked up my first DSLR camera. The day I picked up that camera in high school for a project I was hooked instantly. From that day on, I never put it down. I was shooting everything and anything under the sun. House plants, neighbours pets, friends, random objects in the house. If you name it, I probably have some “great” pictures in my archives from when I started. haha

I spent years learning all of the ins and outs of my camera and running a business. Once I had everything nailed down, I started my career professionally! I have been doing photography for over 7 years and I love every minute of it. This career has led me to meet so many incredible human beings from all around the world, and document so many beautiful moments between people.


I believe in capturing the real, authentic, raw, and in-between moments. His hands holding you tightly, the warm embrace you share, and the joy that you have being with one another. I want you to FEEL the moments captured in each memory. All the laughter, tears, joy and unforgettable moments.