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Moustache Man + Mountain Girl- Canmore Wedding Photographer

Moustache Man + Mountain Girl - Canmore Wedding Photographer


You’re probably wondering about the title, so I guess that is a good place to start…lol Parker and Allison are a ridiculously sweet, fun loving and genuine couple! When you’re around them, you just can’t help but smile! Allison loves being in the mountains, and Parker is a country man with an epic moustache. So there mountain wedding at the rustic venue Cornerstone Theatre was the perfect mix of the two of them. 

It was FREEZING cold. Like frostbitten fingers cold. Here I was all worried about the bridal party staying warm enough, and they were they ones saying no no, we’re good! Let’s take off our jackets and do some more photos! Tyler, Mike, Bill, Laurie, Jennifer, Jade, you guys are amazing!! Such wonderful friends for Parker and Allison! 

Okay now on to the good stuff, a few of my favourite photos of the day!!

Thank you to all the amazing vendors who helped make this day incredible!

{MUA} Jenah -

{Florist} Willow Flower Co-

{Dress designer} Mikaella -

{Suit} Indochino-

{Videographer}- Maximillian Krewiak-

{DJ}- Gaston Maqueda

{Venue}- Cornerstone Theater-

Adventurous photography couple shares secrets to million dollar moments...

So many people think when the words “million dollar moments” are brought up, it must have a LOT to with with having lots of money.  In all reality though, to achieve those moments, it’s really the other way around. Everyone seems to think that to have an amazing life, you need to have 6+ figure income every year. So many people push themselves, struggling to keep their head above the water due to way too many extra hours at the office, just to be able to afford that luxury vehicle, or their dream home. Now personally, that is where I think everyone has it WRONG. The most crucial step to living a good, happy life is asking yourself one simple question. *Does this add value to my life?*  Over the years, I can’t remember how much joy that designer purse, or looking at an expensive car brought me, but I do remember the times exploring new parts of the world, and chasing wanderlust dreams with my best friend by my side. There is no feeling in the world that can ever compare, or replace the joy that one experiences though travel. When you get extra cash, set it aside in a jar overtime that you can collect, and you would be surprised how quickly it adds up! I know, I know...I'm just a destination wedding photographer, i'm not some super brain, but it sure has worked for me so far!  Below I am sharing with you all some of my favourite moments from Arizona this month that have been filled with feelings that millions of dollars could never buy. 

Now of course you do need the funds for your travel expenses, but I promise you if you do it the right way, traveling is way more rewarding, and more affordable then the $700.00 month car payment you are dealing with. 

GO ON AN ADVENTURE! Thank me later. ;)