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My Goodness, this world is so big that I could continue to travel and photograph destination elopements all around the world my life and never come close to seeing this entire beautiful world we live in. Below are just some of the places I have visited and/or documented adventure destination elopements and love stories.

Hawaii Oregon Vancouver
Nasua Jamaica Montana
Miamia Mexico Zion National Park
Phoenix Dominican Glacier National Park
Los Angelas Victoria Banff, Canada (Obviously ;) )
….And many other places!!


Where am I traveling to next?

All over the Canadian Rockies
Nova Scotia, Canada
BC, Canada
South Africa
+ a few other destinations in the works.



These are places I have been itching to photograph an incredible love story in that I have yet not had the chance too. Whether your dream destination elopement is barefoot overlooking the cliffs of Moher, the sandy beaches in Bali, dancing through cobblestone streets in Italy, or somewhere else that makes your heart just explode with joy! If one of these places sounds like a dream elopement location to you, drop me a message! I’d love to chat about photographing your unforgettable, breathtaking, jaw dropping, once in a life time experience with you and your loved one.

- Destination Elopement locations -Bucket List

Italy Bali
Iceland Switzerland
Greece Tahiti
Santorini Bora Bora

From planning to photographing, I help my couples with it all!