Banff Engagement Session- Banff Photographer

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Are you wanting a fun Banff Engagement session that is unique and something different then the traditional photoshoot? Look no further! From breathtaking mountaintop views, beautiful emerald water, and a splash (Pun intended, haha!) of FUN with a golden swan blow up to finish off your adventure engagement session with a whole lot of smiles!!

Micheal and Nikita know how to have a good time, and when I threw out the idea to them about the swan they didn’t hesitate for a second to say yes. These two drove all the way down from Edmonton to meet me in Kananskis for their photos. Talk about dedication! I just love adventure filed couples that are willing to do whatever it takes to get the shot! We had an absolute blast! There was a near miss when they just about dumped into the pond off the swan, but they stuck the landing and avoided what would have been a hilarious but unfortunate wet 3 hour drive home. haha (See below for the blooper shot when they almost tipped into the pond, it is hilarious!!!)

Are you planning an adventure elopement in Banff, Italy, Greece, Santorini, BC or anywhere else in the world that makes your heart burst?! Drop me an email and tell me all about your Elopement dreams and what your dream photography looks like. <3

The photographer who loves barefoot brides, wandering through forests, capturing love stories and giving couples breathtaking pinterest worthy images to cherish for a lifetime. (Aka Mikayla)

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