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Willow the adventure pup!- Calgary/Banff Photographer

Alex and Celestine are a newly married couple who had a void in their life, and that void was a puppy. They had wanted one for awhile, but just hadn’t found the right one yet. One day they went to their local shelter to see if they could find a little one to complete their family.  They walked around, looking at all the little bundles of fur, and there she was… Little miss Willow, a sweet little Shepard mix pup just waiting to be adopted from the Cochrane Humane Society.

You know the saying…”You just know when you know?”. Well that statement couldn’t have been any more true.

When Alex and Celestine laid eyes on her, it sure didn’t take long to know that she was the one for them.Theyquickly placed a hold on her, and came back soon after to pick her up. <3  

Now what better way to start off with a new family member, then to get family photos??  I don’t think there really is a much better way. ;) 

Here is a peek at a few of my favourite photos from their session with me.

A Magical, Wanderlust Helicopter Elopement you have to SEE with your own eyes...

So, here is the whirlwind, crazy, amazing story of this incredible Mountain elopement.

Less then 2 weeks before Ray and Chay’s Elopement date, I got an email from them eagerly searching for an adventure wedding photographer to come with them, jump on a helicopter and capture their love for one another standing on a cliff overlooking the Canadian rockies… 

The chances of me having a weekend date free so last minute is extremely rare, but this particular Saturday I was available. So of course I gladly agreed to it! Not only did they book me 1.5 weeks before hand, but they also planned EVERYTHING else in the same time frame. Now usually one would assume with it being a spontaneous (amazing) idea, Chay wouldn’t have been able to find the dream dress, florals, and a makeup artist to tie it all together. Boy oh boy was I surprised when she showed up with an incredibly beautiful flowing dress, a perfectly made bouquet with stunning florals, and her hair and makeup done up like a movie star. 1.5 weeks to plan you guys, it was a PERFECT dream.

I loved this day, because it was all about them, and their love. There was not a dry eye on that mountain top as they said there hand written vows to each other…

I could go on and on about how amazing this day was, but I feel these photos can do the talking instead. I will leave you with this. I am so thankful for incredible couples who share the same love for adventure and wanderlust with me, and ask me to be there on the most special day of their life to capture all the emotions. 

Thanks to all the other amazing people for making this day happen!